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This unique fighting method between two people involves basic boxing steps that can be practised by all age groups.

People in different age groups fighting it out can evolve into a core regime. Cross Age Boxing is a unique fighting method developed a few months ago under the mastery of CIAL director NV George and former Mr India KS, Vinod, at Title Boxing Club, a boxing studio in Kochi. This is to be performed between a younger and older person. Cutting edge training practices and state-of-the-art equipment in play, Cross Age Boxing involves a few basic and safer boxing practices that can be practiced by men and women across age groups. At the studio, this is a most sought-after training by members within a family say, a father-son duo, granddad-grandson, mother-daughter, or aunt-niece.

El boxeador viral que se juega la cara con un barra de entrenamiento

ste luchador y entrenador de Muay Thai muestra en las redes sociales su curiosa y llamativa manera de entrenarse. Paul Karpowicz, que fue campeón británico, se ejercita ante una barra horizontal que pivota 360º y se mueve a gran velocidad para mejorar así los reflejos de los boxeadores, sus esquivas y su juego de pies.

The Sparbar Boxing Training Tool

I recently stumbled across this, which is one of the most interesting training aids I've seen. Notice that you can train punching speed and accuracy, plus cover, evading, and ducking. The company also has a body target available.I can see this also used for stick or knife training. The challenge is to get in the shot to the head on the offbeat

격투용품 스파바, 국내상륙...26일 런칭행사

스파바(SPARBAR)는 2013년 영국과 한국의 사업가들인 히라 딕팔, 재스빈더 길, 호프 리가 탄생시킨 독창적인 장비다.동체시력, 풋워크, 발란스, 스피드, 체력, 정확성 및 파워를 포함한 핵심 코어 복싱기술을 발달시키며 안전한 환경에서 실제 스파링 상황을 재현한다.

The Official Sparbar Boxing/ Fitness Product

The Official Sparbar Boxing/ Fitness Product

The Sparbar

Cool. This version looks to have a larger striking area. Looks really good for teaching you to keep your hands up to protect your head.

Sparbar - Innovative boxing training device

This reminded me of something. Roy Jones Jr, arguably the best Super Middleweight of all time, was trained in the beginning by his father, also a boxer. Boxing training often includes the use of a slip rope, which is just a string or strap set up at about shoulder height, which the boxer ducks under to improve his or her defensive reflexes. Roy Sr. had Roy Jr. do a lot of slip rope training — except instead of a rope, it was a board with nails sticking out of it.

BESTFIT Issue 15 – Reviews

Time to upgrade your boxing equipment. Yep, you can say ‘goodbye’ to your sparring partner or that dusty old punchbag and say ‘hello’ to the Sparbar™, an innovative boxing and fitness training device that can be used at home or in the gym.

Any of you guys seen / tried this Sparbar thingy?

There's no doubt that it drills patterns that you'd like to keep in your fighting. There are arguments that speed bag does assist with certain factors of fighting, while not necessary. This, in my opinion, seems very beneficial for beginners to drill in the appropriate arm movements for protection. Seems like a great tool, similar to the double end bag, but will not make you Ali.

Sparbar - worth it or not?

Anyone got an experience of these? As part of my mind life crisis, I am thinking of one for the man cave. They look good for reaction time and footwork drills.They seem much more fun than these things I used to smack about.

Sparbar – Punch and Evade Training System

Train your punching speed and accuracy while also honing your defensive skills like parrying, ducking, and backing up with the Sparbar. It develops hand eye coordination, footwork, reaction time, balance, speed, stamina, and accuracy.

Sparbars anyone used them?

I was thinking about getting one of these. They are £350 though quite expensive, anyone got any experience with them? Are they any good? Look quite good but if I'm forking out need a top quality product that's not going to fall apart.

Any boxers here try out this Sparbar thingy?

I'm thinking of buying it but I find it weird that there are hardly any reviews on it.

sparbar che cosa e

This item is patent protected and is an innovative boxing tool and is a device that goes alongside the fundamental training of the teaching produced by the fundamental ability in boxing to develop eye-hand coordination, footwork, balance, speed, resistance , precision and power with an almost realistic simulation even when you are alone without a training partner and in a safe environment.